The City West Hotel

The City West Hotel outside Saggart, has come to be known as one of the foremost resorts for conferences, weddings and short breaks outside of the city of Dublin.

Within its grounds are golf courses, GAA pitches, 2 hotels, and a Leisure Centre.

Due to the style that the client wanted to portray, the Floreal Radiator from Chappee was selected to be installed within the key areas of the main building. Within its rustic bar area, the Chappee Dune radiator has been installed. Both styles of radiators add ambience to their surroundings as well as giving off enough heat to match steel radiators that would be twice their length!

To serve the radiator system and heating within the bedroom wings, Hevac supplied a number of the Chappee NXR4 , boilers with their corresponding burners. These boilers run for most of the year helping keep the air conditioning and air quality to the desired level.

To serve both the kitchen areas and leisure centre, Hevac supplied State Water Heaters and buffer tanks. These units proved ideal for the varied requirements of the hotel and golf complex. With high efficiency outputs and vitrified glass lined vessels coupled to the unique hydro-cannon system to stop sedimentation of the calcium formed by water heating, these units outperform their specification on a daily basis.

Of course, all of this water needs to be circulated throughout both the hotel buildings, working alongside Wilo Engineering Hevac supplied a range of circulating pumps, pressurisation units and water boosters to the complex.

All of these elements together prove that Hevac is the ideal one-stop-shop for all heating needs.

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